Club Racing

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The start of a RS200 race at Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club

Providing exciting and competitive dinghy racing is a mainstay of the Club. Racing provides the opportunity to improve boat handling and sailing skills and to meet and to learn from other sailors. On the water the atmosphere is competitive, but friendly, allowing for a wide range of sailing abilities. After racing you can return to the boatpark and clubhouse and talk through the events of the day with your fellow competitors. Sailors like nothing more than talking about their exploits and that's how new skills are learned and tips shared.

Island Barn Competitive Dinghy Racing Series 2017/18

Competitive racing at Island Barn is held on Sundays (all year round) and Wednesday evenings and Saturdays (spring, summer and autumn). We run class racing, handicap races and pursuit races, see below for details of the racing series:


Racing Series              
Season Series Description        
Saturday 1st April - 21st October  
  Saturday B2B Handicap Series Two back to back races from 14:30, single start
Spring 1st April - 12th July  
Summer 15th July - 29th October  
Autumn Sunday Class Series Class starts from 10:30
  Sunday B2B Handicap Series Two back to back races, start from around 12:00
  Mountfield Pursuit Series 1st Sunday each month, 75 minute race from 10:30. Class results extracted for Sunday Class Series
  Anniversary Handicap and Personal Handicap Series 3rd Sunday each month, 10:30, Gold and Silver Fleet starts. Class results extracted for Sunday Class Series
Wednesday 22nd April - 19th August            
  Wednesday Handicap and Personal Handicap Series Slow and Fast Handicap starts from 19:28. 
Autumn 5th November  - 31st December  
Winter 7th January - 25th March  
  Sunday Class Series Class and Handicap starts from 10:30
  Sunday B2B Handicap Series Two back to back races, start from 12:00
  Winter Pursuit Series 1st Sunday each month, 60 minute race from 10:30. Class results extracted for Sunday Class Series
One Offs              
Match Race & Quiz Night Saturday 6th May Quiz Night to raise funds for a defibrillator. Starts at 7.30pm, tickets cost 10 from
Club Championship Sunday 11th June 2x Handicap Races. Age group prizes
Round The Island Saturday 29th July Time trial style event       
Bart's Bash Sunday 17th September Global event celebrating Bart Simpson, Anniversary Series starts
Open Meetings and Events            
Surrey Schools 10th June            
Laser 17th June            
Solo / Streaker 8th July            
Commodore's Open Day 16th July 6-8 short sprint style races. Open to all IBRSC classes
Topper 9th September            
RS200 28th October            
Topper Winter 17th February            
Aero / Phantom 24th March            
The current racing calendar has day by day details of the racing.  Don't be fooled by the friendly atmosphere the races are competitive and the standard is high (a few world champions and even some of the Olympic sailing team raced at Island Barn).

New to Dinghy Racing
If you are interested in starting racing then the Saturday Series and the monthly Anniversary Series (Sundays) are for you. On Saturdays the pace is a little less frenetic and coaching is actively encouraged. In the Anniversary Series (1st race on 3rd Sunday of each month) there are Gold and Silver starts so the less experienced do not have to mix directly with the hot shots and get to sail with boats of similar ability.

For those new to racing, click for a complete beginners guide to racing sail boats

Click on the articles below for further information about racing at IBRSC.


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